Bernhard  Zepter’s key interest is to explain more effectively the functions of the EU Institutions. He want to help political and economic operators to improve their capability to adapt to the European reality and to fully profit from its opportunities.

Only within a stable and peaceful environment the world economy can prosper and respond positively to the need of sustainability. The EU in this context is an outstanding undertaking and a model for shaping stability and good neighbourhood. Through mutually beneficial cooperation with our neighbours we are able to maintain and further improve our competitiveness and our technological skills.

To bring European Nations closer together, is a complex and ambitious undertaking. Common laws and administrative procedures cannot be simple, as it is necessary to unite different mentalities, interests, levels of competition, administrative habits or traditions under one single roof. Nevertheless it is essential for business worldwide to understand this process and its complexity. Only those who make the appropriate efforts in order to follow the new developments and are ready to embrace them, will finally recognize its advantages and business opportunities.