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Speeches and Documents

>> Die EU von außen betrachtet. 2014
>> History of the European Commission, 1986–2000. Interview with Bernhard Zepter. 2017
>> Developments in the EU and Effects on the EU_Japan Relationship. 2007
>> East Asian Integration as seen from the European Point of View. 2006
>> EU-Japan Economic Relations. 2006
>> The European Union: an Area of Peace and Prosperity. 2005
>> The European Union and its Expanding Economy. 2005
>> Location Europe: Recent Developments in the EU and their Impact on European Policies and Programmes in the new Member States and Japan. 2005
>> The European Constitution: a project for Europe. 2005
>> The Process of European Integration and the Draft European Constitution. 2004
>> Address to Hiroo Rotary Club. 2004
>> Enlarging the EU. 2004
>> EU Enlargement and Its Economic and Business Implications. 2004
>> Erweiterung der EU – Neue Impulse für die Europäische Wirtschaft. 2004
>> The European Union and the Euro –  What Relevance for Japan and Asia? 2004
>> EU-UNU Tokyo Global Forum Opening Remarks. 2004
>> The relationship between the EU and Asia. 2004
>> How Are Regions Formed: Comparing Asia with Europe. 2003
>> Die Rolle der Zivilgesellschaft im Entscheidungsprozess der Europäischen Union. S.15. 2001
>> Putting democracy to the test: Legitimacy and democratic control in the eyes of the European Commission. 2001
>> Demokratie auf dem Prüfstand: Legitimation und demokratische Kontrolle aus der Sicht der europäischen Kommission. 2001
>> The European Union after Nice. 2001
>> Das europäische Projekt und der westfälische Frieden. 1998
>> Europa eine Seele geben. 1995